Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Should I share or not?

Earlier this month we had our first meeting at Threave Quilters and the new committee started organising the syllabus for the forthcoming year, and I was asked to do a talk/demo in June on the improv 'hourglass' block.  

Oh, well, in for a penny as they say - here goes!  These talks / demonstrations work best I think with a project or two created using the block in question.  So, with that in mind, I rifled through my stash and pulled out 5 Zen FQ's that were purchased off Ebay a few years ago, so to get something to blend with them I hand dyed some cotton.  

My next challenge was - can I maximise the usage of the FQ's and create a quilt top?

I sketched out a format for using most of each FQ - details will follow I promise after the talk in June, if anyone wants to try and do something like this themselves.

I've now got the 10 blocks sewn together ready for trimming,
Zen pinks
sewing on the top and tail background fabric along with the sashing pieces.  
These blocks were quick to put together probably 4 hours for cutting and sewing all 10 together.  The only thing is I think the background fabric is a little to light and needs to be redyed.
Zen pinks
All the scraps have been kept and I'm thinking a couple of rows of dancing squares to the head of the quilt and if there is any left over another row to the foot of the quilt.  It should be fun making these.
signature panel


Archie the wonder dog said...

These look great - your talk/demo is going to be wonderful!

Annie said...

I love the colors and am trying to imagine the completed top...let's just say I'm anxious to see what you put together in the end.

Jenny said...

Oh I like it Ethne ... I like your different shades of background colors, I think when you put them all together it will look really good! I too...can't wait to see how these will come together and hoe you quilt it! ...also congrats on speaking, I would love to be there to listen to it!

Joan said...

I always love your colour combinations. I am looking forward to seeing how you sew it together :)